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yakup uslu

Hello, My Dear Friends,

I am realtor in Alanya Türkiye.
On this page, I would like to tell you about myself.
My goal is for you to “get to know me better”.
Yes, nowadays you can easily do everything online. You can shop, bring home food, buy plane tickets, travel, and even buy a house online.
I remember that we sold houses online to our foreign guests at the time of Covid.
However, I guess I’m still old-fashioned. I still think that personal dialogue and getting to know each other are important, especially in real estate buying and selling.
I pay attention to two important issues in my works: “Compliance with the law and acting conscientiously”.
Honesty, giving importance to moral values, and respect for people and the environment are indispensable values for me.
In this blog, I would like to introduce myself better so that you know who you do business with.
Yes, my name is Yakup Uslu.

I was born in Alanya.

Realtor Yakup Uslu Education Luxury Real Estate in Alanya
continuous improvement


  • Primary and Secondary School: Demirtaş, Alanya/ ANTALYA
  • High School: Alanya Lisesi/ANTALYA
  • License Degree: Gazi University, Communication Faculty, Radio, Tv and Cinema/ ANKARA
  • Master Degree: Selçuk University, Social Science Institution/ KONYA
  • PhD. Degree: Selçuk University, Social Science Institution/ KONYA
Additional Study
  • Associate degree : Atatürk University, Real Estate Management/ ERZURUM
  • Associate degree: Anadolu University, Social Media Management/ESKİŞEHİR
contribution to brand value

Visit alanya

Alanya is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. If the brand value of our city increases, our level of welfare increases. That’s why I created the Visit Alanya brand value. All official promotion sites in the world start with visits. Visit Alanya is our brand. We guide all foreigners who will come to our country and city on our website We are promoting our city. Visit Alanya’s website has social media accounts as well. Only #visit_alanya Instagram account has more than 23 thousand followers. I am doing my best to promote Alanya. I’m showing all the beauties of Alanya to the world.
Our motto is Alanya Final Destination.

cooperation and network

ttp-the turkish property professıonals

We have established perhaps the most beautiful cooperation and sharing network in Turkey’s real estate field together with very valuable real estate experts.

Emlak profesyonelleri Derneği, with its English name The Association of Turkish Property Professionals.

Our association consists of experienced and essential construction and real estate companies that are experts in their fields.

Currently, we have an association office, a secretariat, and around 70 members.

Our members are also in the provinces of Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul, and Mersin.

You can get more detailed information about our association and members from our website. ( )

I am now proud to be a founding member of the association.

I am the chairman of the board of the association, Dr. Yakup Uslu

agrıculture and future


We don’t put everything into concrete. We experience the advantages of living in Alanya. We touch the ground. 

The soil in Alanya is very fertile and the climate is close to tropical.

We can produce everything what we eat ourselves.

We produce green gold avacado, olive, kumquat, lemon, orange and carob, in our garden.


real estate

ıdeal real estate

We established our company in 2004. Since 2004, we have consulted hundreds of people from all over the world. We don’t just sell houses in Turkey, we marry them. Continuous relationship with our customers is very important to us.
Turkish, English, Russian, German, Slovak, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish languages are spoken and serviced in our offices. We are experts in areas like: in and around Alanya, Bodrum, Istanbul, Fethiye, and Izmir luxury properties in Turkey as well as second home properties. When we say our team is ready for anything we mean it. Whether you’re looking for real estate in Alanya for sale or properties in Turkey, you can be sure that anyone in the company will know both what you’re looking for and who can meet your needs best.

After 20 years of industry experience, Dr. Yakup Uslu has learned that the relationships he creates with his clients matter most. He believes that the people you work with make all the difference and he wants to be one of those people for you!


the traveling fox is better than the lying lion


I think a traveling fox is better than a sleeping lion. My family and I travel as much as possible.

I have a simple travel blog. 

I also like to share what I see.

You can find some of the places where we went on the #wswgo Instagram page.


I write what I know

my articles in the newspaper

I studied in Ankara for 4 years for program production and management in television and radio, as well as cinema production and management. Then I did my master’s in image, propaganda, and advertising. Then I did my Ph.D. in city branding and social media. I did my internship at TRT. I worked at the bank for about 2 years. For most of my life, I have worked as an amateur and a professional in tourism management. I took part in social responsibility projects. Here I share my views on tourism, the environment, promotion, brand cities, advertising, social media, agriculture, and more. So there is a lot to write about. I occasionally write for the Alanya Postası newspaper. You can find all my articles at this link.

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